First Date Ideas

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  • babygrl1970 ( 46, Sugar baby / Des Moines, IA )

    would love to take a walk in the even as sun is setting then either go out and dine out or dine in with a movie

  • whitemexicuban ( 34, Sugar baby / Las Vegas, NV )

    I love to take walks and talk. That can go with coffee or a lunch date or just meet at a lake or nice scenic area.

  • breanna77 ( 23, Sugar baby / Ludlow, MA )

    my first date idea is going to walden pond and walking around and having a picnic

  • ashleybaby0123 ( 18, Sugar baby / Huntington Beach, CA )

    I would enjoy to go hiking its calm and we would get to know eachother and bond

  • CarefreexCoconut ( 23, Sugar baby / Las Vegas, NV )

    I love getting into nature

  • AmandaJane17 ( 19, Sugar baby / Auckland, Auckland )

    I long beautiful hike along the hillside country

  • sassafraspet ( 23, Sugar baby / Indianapolis, IN )

    I love outside! Fresh air makes me so happy. We could go hiking or on a picnic or even stargazing! ✨

  • spoiled27 ( 23, Sugar baby / Baltimore, MD )

    I generally like to keep the first date very relaxed. A long walk, a glass of wine, and hopefully great conversation is a perfect first date for me.

  • crystal_lighht ( 21, Sugar baby / High Point, NC )

    I enjoy being active, so to me, hiking to watch the sunset or walking on the beach in the outer banks are ideal. I enjoy nature, so trails through wooded areas are ideal as well.

  • cocodanielle01 ( 23, Sugar baby / Honolulu, HI )

    Anything interactive that allows us to get to know each other. Brunch is cool, but who wants to stare at someone and force conversation for 1.5 hours?

  • Yourlittlegirlxx ( 19, Sugar baby / Wilkie, SK )

    I prefer to do activity, i like to go on many different kinds of adventures. I also like to experiment ;). as long as you blow my mind you can blow my pussy ;P

  • SunnyDaysAhead ( 42, Sugar daddy / Lakewood, OH )

    A nice evening stroll in the park and an ice cream while getting to know you!

  • wanderlust247 ( 18, Sugar baby / Reston, VA )

    I like the beach. Anything on the beach.

  • Tempest101 ( 21, Sugar baby / Stafford, VA )

    I would love to explore a new park or take a nice walk, and explore something new together. Then get a nice meal afterwards, and share some drinks over dinner.

  • Roses_and_Bears ( 18, Sugar baby / Wichita, KS )

    With a coffee in hand and donuts in the box, I wouldn't mind walking around a park and just talking, getting to know each other a little more. Pets may be included in the walk.