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  • crookz ( 19, Female / sugar baby / Chicopee, MA )

    there’s nothing i love more than a great view with a great person! i love hiking and adventuring a lot

  • Humble01 ( 34, Female / sugar baby / Leeds, England - West Yorkshire )

    I love nature and long walks. I love open minded people. Hate stuck up people. Im a big conspiracy theorists. Love animals too.

  • Rallyspeed2000 ( 51, Male / sugar daddy / York, England - Yorkshire )

    I love a days walking, then finished off at a nice country pub with some good food and nice bottle of red

  • HeatherIsSerious ( 34, Female / sugar baby / Fayetteville, GA )

    I love to be outdoors in nature. I'm always up to go to the beach/lake. Hikes are always nice, too!

  • FoxieRoxxie ( 50, Female / sugar baby / Palm Desert, CA )

    Palm Springs has quite a few hiking trails that would be fun to check out and then have coffee or lunch afterwards. (depending on what time we start) Would also love to check out Oak Glen area too!

  • nicolehealy ( 19, Female / sugar baby / Baltimore, MD )

    Going for rides in the car enjoying the outside

  • MarahWilliams ( 19, Female / sugar baby / Willard, MO )

    I've always dreamt of going to Yellowstone National Park and it would be so amazing to go with my Daddy.

  • QT3_14159 ( 26, Female / sugar baby / Reno, NV )

    Anything that includes being outside. Walking, hiking, beer or vodka drinking, eating, or most sports.

  • Risa0493 ( 24, Female / sugar baby / Peterborough, England - Northamptonshire )

    My perfect date would be a stroll on the beach

  • Jthom223 ( 20, Female / sugar baby / Charlotte, NC )

    How about we go hiking in the mountains and have a picnic.

  • AlexisHeart87 ( 31, Female / sugar baby / Spokane, WA )

    Take me anywhere where the power of natures ferocity is on full display~

  • JamesAdams ( 20, Female / sugar baby / Tarrytown, NY )

    Would love to go on a walk or hike somewhere quite and private so we can talk in peace.

  • kindandbeautiful ( 19, Female / sugar baby / Gympie, Queensland )

    I would love to go for a walk somewhere nice so we can just talk and feel free to be ourselves

  • Kmarae ( 20, Female / sugar baby / Mount Pleasant, SC )

    I'm currently trying to maintain my shape and I'd love to meet someone who supports that! Soy perfect date consist of you, your dog and a sweet little path that leads to a cute little sunset spot. 4/20 friendly? Let's sp...  read more >>

  • HillaryFromBama ( 22, Female / sugar baby / Mobile, AL )

    Love hiking or anything fun outdoor and sporty. Fishing is my favorite thing to do.