Fun Date Ideas

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  • Risa0493 ( 23, Female / sugar baby / Peterborough, England - Northamptonshire )

    My perfect date would be a stroll on the beach

  • Jthom223 ( 19, Female / sugar baby / Charlotte, NC )

    How about we go hiking in the mountains and have a picnic.

  • AlexisHeart87 ( 30, Female / sugar baby / Spokane, WA )

    Take me anywhere where the power of natures ferocity is on full display~

  • JamesAdams ( 19, Female / sugar baby / Tarrytown, NY )

    Would love to go on a walk or hike somewhere quite and private so we can talk in peace.

  • kindandbeautiful ( 18, Female / sugar baby / Gympie, Queensland )

    I would love to go for a walk somewhere nice so we can just talk and feel free to be ourselves

  • Kmarae ( 19, Female / sugar baby / Mount Pleasant, SC )

    I'm currently trying to maintain my shape and I'd love to meet someone who supports that! Soy perfect date consist of you, your dog and a sweet little path that leads to a cute little sunset spot. 4/20 friendly? Let's sp...  read more >>

  • HillaryFromBama ( 21, Female / sugar baby / Mobile, AL )

    Love hiking or anything fun outdoor and sporty. Fishing is my favorite thing to do.

  • Moondancer2020 ( 45, Female / sugar baby / Milton, FL )

    in forest

  • em_darnell ( 18, Female / sugar baby / Paducah, KY )

    Hiking or swimming, riding in a hot air ballon, drinks and lewd board games, baking at your place.

  • sunsetFairies ( 24, Female / sugar baby / La Puente, CA )

    simple dinner and nature walk

  • sakuraisland ( 32, Female / sugar baby / Lomita, CA )

    Taking a hike to the water and back, continuing to outdoors hotel restaurant patio overlooking the ocean and finishing up with a happy hour and sunset.

  • Ellielou2000 ( 18, Female / sugar baby / Newport, Wales - Monmouthshire )

    Out for a nice walk and just getting to know each other better.

  • AcheronFTM ( 18, Female / sugar baby / Crescent City, CA )

    We go to a park with children's toys. You push me on the swings. We have a picnic on a blanket in the grass. There are people with dogs who let me pet the dogs. (I know that would be out of your control, but it's just an...  read more >>

  • AJ0480 ( 37, Female / sugar baby / Logan, OH )

    I love to hike or just walking.. Also a perfect date would be parked under the stars in back of a truck filled with blankets and pillows with pizza and music playing

  • Alexzmcf ( 20, Female / sugar baby / Mays Landing, NJ )

    I wanna say I'm very big on nature and stuff but I don't get out as much as I would like to be honest, so a nice picnic after a hike seems like a perfect first date to me.