First Date Ideas

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  • Kiwisugar ( 18, Sugar baby / Lake Forest, IL )

    How about we go for a walk or just spend some time together.

  • aaron_sugar ( 22, Sugar daddy / Seattle, WA )

    I love the nice outdoors and hopefully you do too! We can take a nice casual hike through the beauty of the mountains just outside of Seattle. We can get to know each other and spend a quality few hours talking and testi...  read more>>

  • SunChaser ( 64, Sugar daddy / Chuburna Puerto, Yucatan )

    A long walk on the beach to admire the sunset. (It's always awesome here!) A serious RMT quality full body massage to relax you. Then retire with drinks by the pool to watch the stars overhead with no light pollution. Fr...  read more>>

  • MoonBaby421 ( 20, Sugar baby / Whitewater, WI )

    I just want to get to know eachother. Nothing to crazy. Just good vibes and us :)

  • madamprez2032 ( 20, Sugar baby / London, England - London )

    I like to get to know someone on a intimate level first and I feel like during hikes our interactions we are not forced to have to behave a certain way allows to be free and express ourselves as such

  • redhead49 ( 49, Sugar baby / Asbury Park, NJ )

    lets get out and do something fun , maybe workout together , hiking ,walking

  • AugustineMars ( 20, Sugar baby / Daytona Beach, FL )

    I enjoy simple things. I'm not looking for a big dinner or fancy events. I'm too easily wow'd, I simply want to give attention where it's deserved.

  • Korijeanne ( 22, Sugar baby / Powder Springs, GA )

    A day either hiking or in the city. Definitely lunch, Love to eat and Ice Cream after

  • MsKittyKat86 ( 30, Sugar baby / Buffalo, NY )

    Horse back riding, hiking, dancing, gun range, fishing

  • photonbaby ( 22, Sugar baby / Washington, DC )

    For first dates, drinks coffee or dinner are ideal. Assuming that there's a connection, I enjoy spending time outdoors. Hiking and/or camping excursions, lazy days in parks (rural or urban), and high ropes courses would...  read more>>

  • emily124 ( 18, Sugar baby / Rochelle, IL )

    I absolutely love walking and hiking! It gives you the chance to see beautiful scenery and endless conversation.

  • cheekyplot ( 19, Sugar baby / Fort Collins, CO )

    Going for a walk around town or a hike up a trail would be a great way to share our first experience together!

  • sweet_dewbii ( 24, Sugar baby / Atlanta, GA )

    An ideal date would be grabbing a bite to eat. Then, we could walk along the Atlanta Beltline and view local art, while talking and getting to know one another.

  • d4nc1ngqu33n ( 21, Sugar baby / San Rafael, CA )

    Let's go hiking and get lost on an adventure together. I do look good in yoga pants :P

  • BabysBreath ( 20, Sugar baby / Tustin, CA )

    Followed by some coffee or tea. I'd like to learn about you.